How Agencies Can Use Gain for Public Relations Content Approvals

Editors’ inboxes are inundated with email pitches daily. Not only must your media pitch grab their attention quickly and get your point across, but it must be timely. 

With Gain, agencies can get faster client approval on media pitches and send them to journalists quickly. This is especially crucial when piggybacking on a major news story, or “newsjacking[2].”

It’s also important to note that reporters are likely to ignore a media pitch full of typos or errors.

With Gain, you never have to worry about unapproved copy or typos slipping through the cracks. Having an efficient approval process ensures journalists receive error-free media pitches on behalf of your client.

Snagging an interview for your client is an excellent way to get them noticed. These typically involve reporters, the client, and the client’s agency. Not only must you help your clients effectively communicate their brand message, but you must also make sure the interview is accurate and represents the client well.

Gain allows PR agencies to set up an approval workflow where they can collaborate and edit interviews for media publications. They can also keep a permanent record of all feedback and revisions. 

Before an interview goes to print, approval from the legal department may be required. Gain makes it easy for teams to gather and document any necessary approvals from legal or compliance departments.

Putting together a media kit[3] that contains information about your client’s business is an excellent way to address questions from the media and help reporters write a story.

Press kits can include company and executive profiles, recent articles, product information, industry statistics, logos and branding files, and other press materials.

Gain makes it easy for you and your clients to access, review, and approve these press material documents. By connecting your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or other file storage system to Gain, you can upload media kits and more.

Editors receive many media kits, so it’s essential to help clients stand out by making sure all press materials look professional. Gain allows you and your clients to see how press materials will appear and ensures they are error-free.

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