How Agencies Can Use Gain for Public Relations Content Approvals

From press releases and media pitches to bylines and press materials, public relations agencies can collaborate on various types of content. 

Creating and approving public relations-related content can be an involved process that requires multiple rounds of approval by internal and external parties.

When you’re managing PR content for numerous clients, things can quickly become hectic and disorganized. This is why an approval process is essential for agencies.

You need a workflow that doesn’t involve messy spreadsheets, time-consuming emails back and forth, and missed deadlines. Gain[1] can help you streamline your approval process for PR content, making your team more efficient, and keeping your clients happy.

Press releases are a crucial part of a company’s PR strategy. When a client has something newsworthy to announce, such as a new product launch or company update, press releases are a great way to get the news out there.

However, there’s more to preparing a press release than writing and hitting the publish button. 

Agencies often write press releases by collaborating with clients and external parties. Quotes and any other information you may need to fact-check in a press release require approval.

With Gain, you can create a custom approval workflow for press releases and decide who approves the information and when. You can even send clients automatic reminders when they have sections to review so you can get approval faster to publish your release.

Depending on your client’s industry, many press releases need to be cleared by a legal team, which may require extra time for review. Gain allows you to gather any necessary approval from legal or compliance departments to keep information fully compliant and error-free.

Getting press for your clients can be important. Media placements not only increase brand awareness but also help to build your clients’ credibility. Nailing the perfect media pitch can help you secure media coverage for your clients. However, it’s not as easy as it may seem.

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