Boogie Board™ Introduces New Smart Pen That Lets You Effortlessly Save Your Handwritten Notes.

KENT, Ohio–([1])–Kent Displays, Inc. introduced a new product, Carbon Copy™. It’s a smart pen that works with Boogie Board’s Blackboard line of paperless writing tablets to make saving & sharing handwritten notes effortless.

A decade ago Kent Displays invented the Boogie Board, the world’s first pressure-sensitive liquid crystal writing tablet—eliminating the need for paper. Boogie Board products are the most lightweight, durable tablet in their class and have redefined the writing experience with no paper, no pen, no mess, and nothing to plug in or charge. And now with Carbon Copy Pen, saving your ideas is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Write or draw on the Boogie Board with the Carbon Copy Pen.

2. Tap the Carbon Copy logo on the tablet to let your pen know you are ready to start a new page of notes and to stream your current page to your phone.

3. Push a button on Boogie Board to clear the screen and start a fresh page of notes.

All notes that are captured to the phone can be organized, renamed, edited and shared through the free App available at the App or Google Play store. Notes can be shared as images or in a PDF format. Carbon Copy Pen works with any new or existing Boogie Board, Blackboard™ writing tablet by using a unique Carbon Copy template. So Blackboard users can turn their existing tablet into a Carbon Copy Pen-powered experience.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned, messy, wasteful paper. With new Carbon Copy Pen by Boogie Board, you’ll never lose another great idea again.

Until September 4th, you can take advantage of pre-launch special pricing by visiting the Kickstarter page at:[2].

About Kent Displays®:

Kent Displays is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of eWriter LCDs. Its Boogie Board™ products have redefined writing and drawing — no paper, no pen, no mess, and nothing to plug in.

Information about Boogie Board products can be found at[3].

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